Operation Expansion to Utah

08/24/2017 by Campion Fund

We have expanded our operations and now have another office in Utah.  The new office address is 1212 E. Wilmington Ave. #832, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106.  We are planning some great programs for this part of the country including ways to educate the citizens here on environmental effects on reproductive health.  High levels of particulate matter in the air in the Salt Lake City area impact male fertility as well as pregnancy outcomes.  We want to make more persons aware of this health concern.

While we have expanded the Campion Fund operations to the West our North Carolina office remains active and involved in programs.  We are grateful for the continued assistance of William Hackney who will be helping to maintain our presence in North Carolina. His address is: Box 3034, DUMC, Durham, NC, 27710, email:   He can also be reached through the Campion Fund website.