2018: The fifth year of Campion Fund Awards to Junior Scientists

02/19/2018 by Campion Fund
Awards to junior scientists presenting excellent work at the 27th Annual Meeting of the Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology were made at the February 10, 2018 meeting held at NIEHS. The Selection Committee, headed by Mitch Eddy, PhD, faced a challenge because the many presentations were outstanding. The winner of...
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Learning How to Think Impacts Science

02/05/2018 by Campion Fund
It is astounding what Leonardo Da Vinci accomplished in his lifetime. By concentrating on his notebooks, Isaacson reveals in his recent biography how much ahead of his 15th century peers Leonardo’s understanding of the world was. He anticipated scientific discovery in so many ways. He wanted to know about the...
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Male Reproductive Health: It Matters

01/02/2018 by Campion Fund
One year ago, the Campion Fund began a two- year focus on men’s reproductive health. We did this because we know that the reproductive health of men matters.  Men’s health impacts the health of their children.  Not only does the overall health of a father affect the health of the...
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Advances in Andrology: The Basic Science Behind Fertility, October 13, 2017

11/14/2017 by Campion Fund
Over 70 scientists gathered for a meeting presented by the Campion Fund at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for talks, discussion and networking on the topic of male fertility. Plenary speaker, Haifan Lin, PhD, Yale University, presented studies of late spermatocytes and early spermatids demonstrating a novel function...
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