Campion Fund Awards to Junior Scientists at TCRB

03/09/2019 by Campion Fund
The Campion Fund Awarded two junior investigators for their presentations at the 2019 Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology.  The honorarium awards for best oral and best poster presentations went to Rong Li, PhD and Rosa Schrott. Dr. Li gave her award-winning talk on how the overexpression of progesterone A or...
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What we have done and what we plan to do

12/02/2018 by Campion Fund
  Over the past five years we have awarded meaningful honoraria to young investigators from North Carolina colleges and universities who have presented outstanding science at the Annual Meeting of the Triangle Consortium of Reproductive Biology held every winter.  These individuals continue to pursue their scientific careers at places such...
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Supporting Science

10/24/2018 by Campion Fund
A while ago I had a vivid technicolor dream. In this dream I was walking up a steep, narrow cobblestone street. The walk was hard but I kept at it as I was looking for something important. My feelings were pleasant and happy ones. In my dream I stopped at...
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