Campion Fund Awards Given At The 26th Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology

05/04/2017 by Campion Fund

The 4th time Campion Fund Awards are given at the 26th TCRB Annual Meeting. 

Best Oral Presentation

Xiaoquin Wang accepts a Campion Fund Honoraria Award for his presentation, “SOX 17 governs the Indian Hedgehog to promote female fertility via uterine epithelial-stromal interactions” on February 25 at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology.  The research was conducted in the NIEHS Reproductive Development and Biology Laboratory of Francesco DeMayo.

Dr. Wang’s award winning oral presentation reported comprehensive studies in Sox 17 KO mouse models using Cre-lox and CRISPR/cas9 approaches along with immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, quantitative PCR, microarray and ChIP-seq analysis that SOX 17 is critical in maintaining epithelial quiescence from proliferation during the window of implantation via IHH-mediated epithelial-stromal interactions.  SOX17 is expressed in uterine luminal and glandular epithelium.  Dr. Wang reported that SOX17 binds to two putative enhancer regions located -11 and 19- kb upstream of the ihh locus. When these enhancers are deleted by CRISPR/cas9 techniques the ihh response to progesterone stimulation was lost.


Best Poster (tie)

Brook C. Matson received a Campion Award for Best Poster (tie) describing research conducted in the laboratory of Kathleen Caron, UNC-Chapel Hill.  Her studies “ Adrenomedullin improves fertility by promoting pinopodes and cell junctions in the peri-implantation endometrium”  demonstrated that intrauterine delivery of adrenomedullin, an endocrine peptied immediately prior to blastocyst transfer improves embryo implantation and spacing.

Best Poster (tie)

Kathryn McClelland was given a Campion Fund Award for Best Poster (tie) entitled, “Loss of COUP-TFII (NR2F2) affects fetal testicular development”.  COUP-TFII appears to be involved in the initial stages of interstitial fate specification and my control the establishment of the interstitial population and compartment early in testis development in the fetus.  She conducted her work in the NIEHS Reproductive Development and Biology Laboratory of Humphrey Yao