Campion Fund Awards: Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology

11/16/2016 by Campion Fund

The Campion Fund Executive Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board recognizes that young reproductive science investigators benefit by the ability to present their research at national and international meetings, and to publish their work in peer-reviewed journals.  As more journals are charging fairly large publication fees not all universities and other institutions are able to provide these fees to young investigators.

For this reason, the Campion Award is $2500.00 and is to be used by the recipient for scientific membership dues, travel expenses to national and international meetings, scientific publication fees and research expenses not covered by the recipient’s institution or federal agency.

Award Selection Criteria

  1. All undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and clinical fellows selected to give either oral or poster presentations at the annual meeting of the Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology are eligible for the award if they chose to do so.
  2. At the time they submit an abstract to the TCRB meeting they will indicate their desire to be considered for the award.
  3. The judges will be at least two members of the Campion Fund Scientific Advisory Board.  (current members are: Sarah Berga, Wake Forest University, Hugh Taylor, Yale University, Humphry Yao, NIEHS, James Segars, Johns Hopkins University, Nancy Kellett, retired Yale University), the featured plenary speaker and two persons suggested by the TCRB program committee.
  4. The judges will choose oral presentations for the award according to these qualities: scientific content (30%), significance of the findings to reproductive biology (20%), quality of the presentation (30%) and response to questions (20%).
  5. The judges will choose poster presentations from the top ten posters chosen by the TCRB program committee for presentation at the meeting among those who elected to be a candidate for the award. The selection criteria will be: scientific content, including accurate use of statistics (30%), significance of the findings to the field of reproductive biology (20%), quality of the presentation (30%) and response to questions (20%).
  6. Scientific content includes the following: clear hypothesis, proper experimental design, vigorous statistical analysis, proper interpretation of results and sound conclusions.
  7. Presentation includes skill in oral presentation, quality of slides, graphs and illustrations. The quality of the poster presentation includes the clarity of the poster design and illustrations and graphs.