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Introducing Two New Awardees of the Campion Fund Prize

03/23/2015 by Campion Fund
The Campion Fund is proud to announce the two winners of the Campion Fund Prize. Dr. Alisa Suen and Dr. Kristen Upson were presented with the junior scientist awards at this year’s  annual meeting of Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology (TCRB), hosted at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences....
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Focus 2014 – Uterine Fibroids

01/31/2014 by Campion Fund
Uterine fibroids are the most common uterine tumor in women of childbearing age.  There may be only one fibroid in a uterus or there may be multiple ones.  Most importantly, they cause pain, uterine bleeding and a protruding abdomen.  These symptoms often cause women to miss or cause difficulty in...
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