November 01, 2023

We are moving!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The Campion Fund is moving with me! As of November 17, 2023 our National Headquarters will be located in Bellevue Washington. Cheyenne Smith, our Marketing and Outreach Director will be working from the Salt Lake City offices, 550 W 900S, Suite A c/o BLKHIVE Media, LLC, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101. It is an exciting time for us and I am looking forward to expanding into the Seattle area and acquainting the public there with all we do to support fundamental reproductive sciences.

I realize that 2023 has been and still is a very chaotic year and has been accompanied by a great deal of economic and political uncertainty. We are so very grateful to those of you who have made donations and very generous ones to us during our fall campaign. I would like to encourage those who have not donated to please consider a generous gift as well. The need for public understanding and appreciation for reproductive sciences has never been greater.  The support for young scientist and for the essential science underlying reproductive health is critical. There are few resources available to the research community we support and The Campion Fund is working hard to make a difference in research funding. We will hold a meeting on US Maternal Mortality which is scandalously high and will not only highlight this serious problem but will present programs that have been successful model way that all communities in our country can provide workable solutions. This meeting will be on September 19, 2024 on the campus of our meeting partners,  Frontier Nursing University. Versailles, Kentucky.  Funds from our current fall campaign will be used for this meeting. We will also give the Campion Awards to junior scientists at the annual meeting of the Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Sciences (TCRB). This is the beginning of the second decade of proving these awards which have been named, by the TCRB as the Phyllis Leppert Campion Awards. 

If you mail your donation to us by November 8 you may send them to Salt Lake City. If they are mailed after that date they should be mailed to Bellevue.  Alternatively, you can send the donation electronically through our website here

Best,  Phyllis Leppert, MD, PhD, President