November 28, 2023

We need your help...

The Campion Fund needs your help right now. We need you to donate to our mission. Our fundraising has slowed this fall which impacts our programs for 2024!

We have programs planned to fulfill our mission but we cannot do so without your help. We know that you care about what we do to support fundamental research in reproduction, to support young investigators and to conducting scientific seminars for scientists in the field and to create public awareness of the importance of reproductive science through blogs and meetings. We are in the middle of a two-year cycle on pregnancy and birth.  In 2023 we co-sponsored a meeting on the basic science of gestation and parturition, presenting current state of the art research that brought together leading scientists in the field which stimulated new approaches that will help to fully discover the mechanisms of healthy pregnancy and birth. Only by understanding the intricate processes of physiologic pregnancy and birth will we be able to prevent complications and poor outcomes, such as why childbirth sometimes leads to death. This conference led us logically to plan a meeting with our partners, the Frontier Nursing University on the US high maternal mortality to be held on September 19, 2024, to focus on the fundamental research in sociology, demography, healthcare access and healthcare workforce that sheds light on this problem. This meeting will discuss the statistical data connected with maternal mortality, including the disparity between white and black death rates, evidence as to the reasons for our high maternal mortality and the economic costs of maternal deaths to our society.  We plan to go beyond these facts, however, and present and discuss documented successful strategies and existing programs that reduce this high mortality. We plan to present studies documenting how maternity care that integrates many professions, nurses, nurse-midwives, doctors, community workers, doulas and communities and includes comprehensive funding for all childbearing persons has greatly reduced maternal mortality. To make this important program successful we need your generous donations. In addition, our program of awarding Campion Awards to young scientists will continue. Our educational blogs will be maintained and will be posted each month. Your donation will help us advance these programs as well.

There are undoubtedly many reasons why our fundraising has slowed from previous years, including the fact that the world is chaotic with many uncertainties and that many perceive that our economy is struggling. We also appreciate that our move to Bellevue, Washington has slowed us down. The move is now completed.  We have kept an office in Salt Lake City and continue to work in North Carolina. We   are stable and ready to receive donations.  Please send you donations to Phyllis Leppert, 919 109th Avenue NE, Apartment 1207, Bellevue, Washington, 98004.  Donations can also be made online at by clicking here.   Our Salt Lake City office is BLK Hive Media, Cheyenne Smith, 550 W. 900 S, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84105