February 20, 2020

A helpful website on air purifiers

We know that Air Pollution harms the reproductive process in so many ways.  The pollution particles will embed in the placenta and led to serious problems such as preterm birth and preeclampsia.  Air Pollution decreases the health of sperm and causes epigenetic changes in sperm DNA that can be passed on to future generations.  Knowing this reasonable people work to prevent Air Pollution by educating each other about risks and working within political systems to provide programs to mitigate and prevent this serious public health problem.  But what can reasonable people do right now to help themselves, especially if they are contemplating pregnancy or are raising young children?  One answer that many health authorities think is helpful is to use air purifiers within their home.  The next question becomes- which purifier to use?

Recently I was made aware of ConsumersAdvocate.org through Alejandro Ferreya, who is from Dorado, PR.  There website is   https://www.consumersadvocate.org/air-purifiers  This website provides an excellent review of a number of well tested air purifiers and is really worth a look.