March 09, 2019

Campion Fund Awards to Junior Scientists at TCRB

The Campion Fund Awarded two junior investigators for their presentations at the 2019 Triangle Consortium for Reproductive Biology.  The honorarium awards for best oral and best poster presentations went to Rong Li, PhD and Rosa Schrott.

Dr. Li gave her award-winning talk on how the overexpression of progesterone A or B isoform in uterine epithelium disrupts female fertility through LIF (leukemia inhibiting factor-and FOXO1 (forkhead box protein O1).  Studies show that experimentally increased progesterone expression at the window of receptivity causes fertility problems. This has been shown to be due to reduced expression of LIF and the loss of the nuclear localization of FOXO1). Her studies tested the hypothesis that the reduced expression of LIF was a major cause of infertility.   She demonstrated in a series of detailed mouse model and in vitro experiments that LIF regulates the window of receptivity in part by regulating the nuclear localization of FOXO1. Dr. Li is a member of Francisco De Mayo’s Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory at NIEHS.











Dr. Schrott received the best poster honorarium award for Cannabis use is associated with changes in autism candidate DLGAP2 DNA methylation in human sperm. This study documents that cannabis will cause epigenetic changes in sperm. Dr. Schrott is a member of Susan Murphy’s laboratory at Duke University.

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