Conception, pregnancy, birth. This is one of the most natural functions of our bodies. Yet, due to diseases of the reproductive system, for many, it becomes a complicated, unattainable process.

The Campion Fund wants to change that. Through medical research and education, we are working to eradicate these diseases, restoring health and hope to women and men worldwide.

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10.05.17 |   In 2013 965,000 deaths due to preterm birth occurred world-wide.  Preterm birth, birth before 37 weeks of gestation, puts a newborn at serious...
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09.01.17 | A video clip featuring talks at the Uterine Fibroids 2017: A Case for Women’s Health. The event was co-sponsored by The Campion Fund, Delta...
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Today, there is an urgent need to fund scientists who are dedicated to studying human reproductive diseases. You can help by contributing to the Campion Fund.

The Campion Fund provides peer-reviewed grants to qualified investigators, conducts scientific conferences for the exchange of information, and educates the public on fertility research. Thank you to all of our Donors for your continued support.

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