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  • Recently I was searching on line for current articles discussing US maternal mortality rates which I do from time to time. I stumbled across a commentary stating as fact that because the US reports maternal deaths by a different definition of maternal death than other nations the comparison of our ...

  • The Campion Fund needs your help right now. We need you to donate to our mission. Our fundraising has slowed this fall which impacts our programs for 2024!

    We have programs planned to fulfill our mission but we cannot do so without your help. We know that you care about what we do to support ...

  • Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    The Campion Fund is moving with me! As of November 17, 2023 our National Headquarters will be located in Bellevue Washington. Cheyenne Smith, our Marketing and Outreach Director will be working from the Salt Lake City offices, 550 W 900S, Suite A c/o BLKHIVE Media, ...

Through scientific support and education, the Campion Fund works to eradicate challenges to healthy reproduction to restore hope to men and women worldwide.

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Phyllis Leppert - Introduction

Our world is a complex place full of biological diversity, and yet, sometimes it’s difficult to find reliable and science-based discussions on that topic. In our video series on gender and sex variation, scientists and experts unpack the deceptively simple concept of biological maleness and femaleness, and explain why it is an oversimplification to assume that we all fit neatly into one of two categories.


The Campion Fund provides awards to junior investigators presenting the best research talks at the Annual Consortium for Reproductive Biology Meeting.