The Basic Science of Gestation and Parturition

The Basic Science of Gestation and Parturition will be held on Friday, February 17, 2023 at NIEHS in Durham, North Carolina.

Co-sponsored and organized by The Campion Fund (Phyllis Leppert) and The Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory, NIEHS (Franco De Mayo). Plenary Speakers are:

Diana Monslavais, Baylor University, Endometrial receptivity and implantation
Anne Marie Jukic, NIEHS, 25(OH) D effect on fecundabiity
Julia Kim, Northwestern University, Progesterone receptor role in endometrial differentiation and decidualization
Mala Mahendroo, University of Texas Southwestern, Uterine cervical remodeling and softening in mice
Kristin Myers, Columbia University, The biomechanics of human cervical remodeling and dilation
Sarah England, Washington University St. Louis, Circadian rhythm and calcium channels in parturition
Carole Mendelson, University of Texas Southwestern, The multifactorial regulation of parturition
Liping Feng, Duke University, PRMC2 effects placentation and pregnancy complications
Ramkumar Menon, University of Texas, Medical Branch Galveston, Programmed fetal membrane senescence and exosome-mediated signaling in timing of human parturition.

All attendees are encouraged to submit abstracts on any aspect of fundamental work on gestation and parturition by February 1, 2023 to Phyllis Leppert ( or ) Six to seven top abstracts will be presented as oral presentations while all others that are scientifically sound will be presented as posters. A summary of the proceedings will be published in Biology of Reproduction using a format similar to the recent publication of the Campion Fund and NIEHS sponsored meeting on the Basic Science of Uterine Fibroids in F&S Science. 

Topics for the meeting include: uterine decidualization, endometrial receptivity and implantation, placental biology, effects of the environment and nutrition, including the role of hormones and their receptors, vitamins, and growth factors on fecundity, gestation and parturition and postpartum biology, the biochemistry and biomechanics of uterine cervical remodeling and dilation, the role of calcium channels, growth factors, circadian rhythm and immune factors. Including NK cells and fetal DNA in parturition, regulation of myometrial contractility, the role of fetal membranes in parturition, timing of parturition, postpartum physiology, pregnancy and labor complications including preterm birth. Studies using animal models, human tissue, translational and epidemiological studies are appropriate for submission. Updates will be posted on our website. 

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